We are here for you.

You are at the heart of what we do, and we are committed to be there for you, from start to finish.

Our Vocational Coaches will help you plan your journey through the Your Caring Way program.

They will provide you with ongoing and individualised support to ensure you are connected, empowered and on your way to success.

Working together will allow you to develop positive relationships skills and also a new perspective that will help you get closer to making the changes you seek in your life.

Your plan. Your future.

A dedicated Vocational Coach will help you focus your energy on completing every step in your Grow Plan. They will have scheduled touch points with you through your journey to ensure:

  • You feel connected, supported and engaged,
  • Continuity and consistency of your plan,
  • Referrals and networks are in place,
  • You are achieving and celebrating your milestones, and
  • Your work placement or employment goals are fully supported.

As you move forward, your Vocational Coach will update your Grow Plan to reflect your evolving upskilling needs.

Employment mentoring

Employment mentoring will be provided to ensure appropriate engagement and support for both employer and the carer as employment conditions are arranged and employment is commenced.

Support will include:

  • Initial “on-boarding” training and information provided to the employer to ensure awareness and readiness to support employment of carers.
  • An “Employer Tool-kit” with appropriate information and resources.

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