Making things better – a plan for those who want to grow.

Growth doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the journey. Continuous self-improvement and learning new things set you up for development, and at the same time, help you establish goals and reach your full potential.

Using innovative assessment tools, Your Caring Way will work closely with you and help you learn to see what’s possible.

This collaborative model will allow us to complete an Individual Needs Assessment to establish:

  • Your capacity, ability, barriers, and any other needs (caring-related or not) to maximise your participation in vocational activities.
  • Any support you may need with regards to referrals or links with other services or organisations.

The backbone of success is a good plan

Your Individual Needs Assessment will be the starting point for a Vocational Coach to develop your Grow Plan.

Your Grow Plan will outline:

  • Your goals – vocational goals broken down into short-term, medium-term, and long-term.
  • Your reality – current caring capacity.
  • Your options – explore options such as training, placement, employment/volunteering.
  • A way forward – actions or steps to be taken.

What's next

The next step in the Your Caring Way model is Your Journey.

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