My name is Ying. I was heavily involved in looking after my family for three years, unable to commit to any job.

When my situation changed earlier this year, I registered with Your Caring Way’s ‘Carers Get Back to Work’ Program. It has opened doors for me.

After I registered with the program, I had a monthly catch up with my Vocational Support Officer. My job resume has been brushed up and vocational goals have been set up.

Recently I attended two trainings or workshops. One was “It is a Jungle” presented by Dr. Brenda Heyworth. This three-hour workshop helps carers of all age groups to understand the link between emotions and behaviour with practical strategies.

The other workshop was CPR and First Aid Training. It included online theory learning modules and one full day face to face hands on training. I have benefited greatly by the training. They are small achievable steps to me.

I feel that someone professional is walking this journey with me by providing advice, training, and support so it is not that daunting and lonely. I am grateful for this program and the dedicated team.