Before connecting with Shauna and participating in the Your Caring Way program I was struggling to find a job that would work for my family as a carer of children with disabilities, a mum and wife.

I was looking for my place starting to feel depressed, and I really didn’t know what jobs I could even do.

Shauna was amazing. First Shauna suggested I do a short course online through Carers Queensland which helped me be job ready after many years as a carer then we had a one-on-one conversation. We chatted, I showed Shauna my certificates and we talked about a long list of jobs that I could do while still been present with my family. I was surprised!

Next Shauna sent me a list of contacts/organisations that she knows and can confidently put a good word in for me. She asked me to have a look and see what positions they were offering and then let her know if there were any I liked and applied for.

There were also constant calls to see how I felt and how I was going. I felt very supported when I finally got my job. Shauna rang and congratulated me with great confidence it really gave me a boost to my confidence and self-worth.

Today I work in aged care and this August will be a year working as a community care worker. I love my job its rewarding in itself but I also get to be here for my 24 year old son Thomas who has autism and struggles a great deal. I can attend appointments and advocate for him, and my job also allows me to be available for my young daughter with ADHD where I can still do school pick ups and drop offs.

Without the help from Shauna at Your Caring Way I’m not sure where I would be, but I was feeling pretty hopeless and didn’t know where to even start. Today I have a lot of confidence in my abilities. I can see possibilities I am more confident than I have been in a long time.