Need that extra boost of confidence to get you ready to ace your job interview? We caught up with our experienced team of Vocational Support Planners bring you our top tips to help you succeed!

These tips are designed to help reduce pre-interview nerves, get you prepared and help you feel more confident.

1) Do your research

Interviewers value when interviewees know about the organisation. Have a look at the company’s website and the services they offer, as well as the organisation’s values. Take down notes of anything that stands out to you so you can glance over it before your interview as a refresher.

After you have gathered information for the interview, begin to write down some common interview questions and your answers for them.

  • Here are some common interview questions to prepare for:
  • Why do you think you’re the right person for this company?
  • What are your strengths and areas of improvement?
  • Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

You don’t need to bring these into the interview, but by looking at them before walking in, or reading them over during your preparation, you will become more confident with how to answer commonly asked questions.

2) Organise yourself ahead of time

Prepare yourself the night before.

Have a think about what you will wear and what you need to take with you to the interview. Laying out your outfit the night before will give you one less thing to worry about in the morning. Some helpful things to prepare ahead of time includes:

  • Your interview outfit (ready to go)
  • Notebook and pen
  • Water bottle
  • Notes from earlier research

Make sure you also check out how you’re getting to the destination, whether by car or public transport, and search the address on Google Maps so you know which building to go into when arriving.

On the day:

Be sure to arrive at the location at least 10-15 minutes prior to the interview start time. This gives you some buffer time in case of unexpected delays, and arriving early enables you to be more relaxed and calm heading into the interview. This extra time can also be used to review your notes, take a few breaths, and mentally prepare yourself.

3) Think about your presentation

First impressions matter in an interview and wearing the correct attire can make a difference. If you’re unsure about the dress code, it is better to dress up than down. A simple button-up top, pants or skirt, and closed-in, office-appropriate shoes is a safe outfit to wear. Your personal hygiene and grooming are also going to be considered by the interviewer.

A factor that many don’t think about when heading into the interview is your social media presence. Employers often Google search interview candidates ahead of time, so check your social media presence, change your settings to private or take down photos/posts you wouldn’t want an employer to see.

Body language is also key in an interview; it makes up 70% of what we say! Presenting yourself as calm, confident, and friendly goes miles in winning bonus points with interviewers. To learn more, check out The Muse’s tips for body language in an interview.

4) Complete the finishing touches

Here are a few final things you can do when heading to the interview:

  • Check your reflection before heading in
  • Turn your mobile phone to silent or off
  • Read over the notes you have prepared
  • Greet everyone in the interview – eye contact, handshake, and smile or “Hello!”

Once you have sat down, it is time to put your preparation and interview skills to work.

5) Follow up after the interview

After leaving the interview, take a moment to congratulate yourself – you did it!

A great next step is to follow up after the interview. You can either call them the next week to see how your application is progressing or, for a less direct and more timely approach, send a thank you email shortly after your interview.

This is highly recommended as it shows your initiative and eagerness, will make you stand out from the other interviewees, and remind the interviewer how your meeting went. When they pick who goes to the next round, or who gets the offer, they will think of the people who interviewed well and followed up with them.

Check out this template by The Muse to learn more about how to write the perfect thank you email.

We hope that the above tips were useful in your preparation for an interview!

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