Michelle was actively looking for a job when she learned about Your Caring Way.

She is a carer for her 13-year-old daughter who has a rare neurological disease called Rett Syndrome.

“I’ve always wanted to have a job. I used to work before my daughter was born and also while caring for her,” Michelle says.

However, she had been out of the workforce for 12 months and her job search hadn’t been very successful yet.

Being a proactive person, Michelle took the step forward to change her situation.

Last year, she decided to join Your Caring Way.

“I had started applying for some jobs. COVID put everything on hold, my daughter was at home with me for a long time and then everything changed.”

“I received an email from Your Caring Way, so I called them.”

“They helped me see through the different options available.”

“The vocational coaching was really helpful; it actually had an impact on my situation earlier than expected.”

“When I joined the program, I didn’t have any options. Then this opportunity came up while I was doing my coaching. “

“The coaching helped me check in with myself. It helped me understand where I was at and what was going on; it helped me build my confidence to be back in the workforce.

“I am now working as an Administration Manager for a disability company.”

“I started my new job in October last year. I have a permanent part-time position.”

“Sometimes it’s a juggle between working, therapies, doctor appointments, but I’m happy to be in the workforce again.”

“My daughter goes to school when I’m working. I feel good now that I’ve gone back to work. It feels good to use my brain again.”

Michelle lives in Central Queensland and is very grateful to be part of the community again and for finding a job that also accommodates her caring responsibilities.