We care about your rights.

Your Caring Way is an initiative of Carers Queensland Ltd.

Carers Queensland is committed to ensuring all people who use our services have adequate information about their rights and responsibilities when dealing with us.

Please take the time to read this important information.

Client Rights

  • You have the right to respectful care and service, regardless of race, gender, gender identification, social status or sexual preference.
  • You have the right to privacy and confidentiality.
  • You have the right to express your ideas and opinions without fear of ridicule or retribution.
  • You have the right to be informed about what services are available in the language of your choice.
  • You have the right to make choices about what services you will receive.
  • You have the right to modify your consent at anytime.
  • You have the right to an advocate of your choice.
  • You have the right to access your own file upon written request to and approval by the Chief Executive Officer.
  • You have the right to complain about the services you are receiving.
  • You have the right to refuse an assessment, service or be involved in research.
  • You have the right to re-apply for services even if you have refused an assessment or service in the past.

Client Responsibilities

  • To respect Carers Queensland staff, volunteers, contracted agents and other clients. Carers Queensland has a zero tolerance policy on abusive and/or aggressive behaviour.
  • To maintain confidentiality of all persons whom you may meet through accessing services at Carers Queensland.
  • To permit and participate in all health and safety assessments, ensuring a safe working environment for Carers Queensland staff if they are visiting your home.
  • To advise Carers Queensland if you are unable to attend an appointment or if you are unable to be at home when a service has been arranged.
  • To provide complete and accurate information to receive the best care and service.
  • Advise us of relevant changes in your circumstances.
  • To accept responsibility for the outcomes of any decision you make.

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