A scaffolded peer-to-peer support program has been weaving communities together by connecting people who are caring for a loved one with someone who has lived experience of being a carer.

Launched in 2013 by The Australian Centre for Social innovation, the Weavers Program has been co-designed with carers for carers, and focusses upon carers’ needs wherever they are at.

Through the program, carers are matched with a ‘weaver', establishing a relationship in which they will share their experiences and gain support from someone who has a deep understanding from their own life experience.

Weavers receive training and are supported by a Weaver Local Connector who monitors each match with a carer over a 15 to 20-week period, with regular check-ins and assessments to ensure that the relationship brings understanding, support, and access to information to enhance the carer’s wellbeing and knowledge.

Anyone providing informal care to another person can access Weaver’s support.

Carers are not only eligible for support if they are already accessing services. We recognise that there are many carers who are not or do not readily identify as a carer.

How Weavers works

Weavers make communities stronger by offering carers support and connection. They walk beside carers to help them regain a sense of control and develop a stronger support network.

The program focusses on four areas:

  • Navigating and Negotiating Services
  • Emotional Support
  • Increasing Support Networks
  • Sustaining Carer Wellbeing

You can meet with your Weaver locally, talk on the phone, or connect through video chat to discuss problems and get the support you need over 15 to 20 weeks.

Regular check-ins occur at Week 5, 10, and 15, to reflect on your journey and decide what will happen moving forward.

If you have lived experience as a carer and want to help other carers, or if you are a carer and wish to be connected for support, contact Paul the Local Connector for Weavers on 0477 314 366 or email paul@donaldsimpsoncentre.com

For more information visit Weavers' website.