Gayle is a carer at heart.

Throughout her life, she has cared for her little sister, both her parents, her partner and is currently helping raise two of her grandchildren in Launceston, Tasmania.

Due to her caring role Gayle has found herself very isolated.

“I have always been a carer. When I was caring for my partner, I had a lot of odd hours with spare time; I wasn’t able to leave the house. I was bored sitting around the house when he didn’t need me.”

She learned about Your Caring Way through Carers Tasmania and decided to join the program last year.

“One day they called me out of the blue and they offered some study options. I was apprehensive about it all but decided that I needed something to take my mind off my caring duties, so I signed up.”

Gayle finished a Certificate III in Community Services through Carers Queensland’s Registered Training Organisation (RTO) and is about to complete her Certificate IV.

“I latched on to the opportunity really quick. I bought a laptop so I could do the online classes.”

“The courses were wonderful. They were my sanity saver. It was a time for me to do something for myself that was doable while caring for my partner.”

“To be able to get my head out of what was happening at home was wonderful and to be able to do it online without leaving the house was great.”

Gayle lost her partner last May and today she credits Your Caring Way for the positive changes in her life.

“Without the study behind me, I would have been totally lost.”

“I got a dose of sanity each week and the flexible study gave me the ability to do assignments at my own pace and in my own time. It was amazing.

“Nobody has been more surprised than me that I have finished both Certificates III and IV in Community Services. The classes were well structured and held my interest.”

“Study has been an amazing journey for me. I will soon have two certificates which formalise my caring duties.”

“The idea for me was to look forward to the time when I was able to go back to work.”

“I’ve always worked. When caring for my mother, and while raising my little sister I still worked. But I had been out of the workforce for five years.”

“My plan is to find employment. I have completed my studies so I will be able to apply to other jobs.”

As part of her studies Gayle needs to complete 120 hours of work placement.

With help from her Placement Officer, Prem, Gayle has secured a position with Able Australia to do her work placement.

“I got my Police Check back yesterday and I’m starting next week.”

“I will be working with people with disability.”

“I haven’t worked with people with disability, so I am really excited to start. I’ve mainly worked with aged care in the past but not with people with disability.”

“Your Caring Way has made a huge difference in my life. I don’t know how I would have got through this over the last year. It’s been a huge positive in my life. It’s been really good.”

“Thank you, Your Caring Way, for giving me a chance to enter the workforce at my own pace and in my own time.”