Work has always been a big part of Tania’s life. She persevered at it as she continued to work towards her goals, even through challenging moments.

After working with Australia Post for 18 years, she wanted to do something different.

When her father died in March 2020, Tania experienced some personal struggles. She then applied for different jobs and found employment with Centrelink at their call centre.

Soon, she had to give up work. Her 94-year-old mother became ill, and she has taken care of her at home since August 2021.

“It all happened at the same time. Next thing, I became a carer,” she said.

She heard about Your Caring through an employment agency in South Australia and made a call.

“I spoke to Rod, their Business Development Officer. He put me in contact with Shauna. We had a long talk, and she calls me all the time.”

“She is excellent and absolutely brilliant. She knows where to direct you in regard to employment. She’s been the most positive person that I’ve encountered in my whole career.”

When Tania connected with Your Caring Way, she was uncertain about what to do or where to start.

Going back to work after some time off can be difficult. With support from her Placement Officer Shauna, Tania regained her confidence.

In January this year, she started working as a casual paid carer for Australian Carers.

“I work Monday to Thursdays, close to 25 hours a week. I have seven to nine clients a week. They understand I can only do those hours because of my caring role.”

Since then, she’s been thriving, strengthening her skills and growing a career. She feels happy, stable and strong.

“Initially I thought I wasn’t going to be able to do it, but the program helped me figure out a solution that works around my needs.”

“I am really enjoying it now. I give myself free time. I also care for my 17-year-old son.”

“I’m the happiest I’ve been in my whole working life.”

“I’m very happy now. I always thought of being an extension of what I’m doing. I’d like to become an advocate for people, maybe in the long term.”

“Your program has been invaluable and I’m so lucky that you guys are here in South Australia.”

Tania can now see what is possible, like re-entering the workforce while still attending to her caring role.

“If I decide that I don’t want to do caring, I have other jobs that I can tap into. My placement officer is invaluable and your services are invaluable. “

“I can only rate you 150% because it’s brilliant.”