Combining work with caring didn’t work for Shawn in the past. Balancing the two responsibilities, and raising his children, required meeting conflicting demands.

For 13 years, Shawn has been a carer to his wife who has slipped disks, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, and sleep problems.

He had been out of the workforce for 11 years and after joining Your Caring Way in September 2021, he feels he is in a different position.

“I was volunteering at a food co-op. I saw something on Facebook and decided to call,” he says.

“They hooked me up for possible training which I missed because I got a job before that course started.”

“By the time the course was ready, my placement officer Shauna got me into the job.”

“She helped me get my resume up to date and make it more professional. She called up several places and was in constant contact with me.”

Last November, Shawn gained employment within the food manufacturing services industry in South Australia.

“I’m working on a process line where we take food, process it and package it for other companies.”

“I’m loving it; the job is great, and the people are great.”

“I am working three days a week. I can only work 25 hours a week including travel and it’s working out perfectly.”

“It’s wonderful as it is right now. After years of being turned back from jobs and not being able to get a foot in the door, this really helps,” he said.