Janie dedicated many years of her life to care for her mother.

When her mother passed away, she lost her sense of direction.  

Over time, Janie's world began to shrink, leaving her with little time for herself or to pursue her dreams. She struggled to find her footing.  

Through determination and the support of Your Caring Way, Janie managed to rebuild her life and find purpose once again.  

With renewed hope and confidence, she recently embarked on her job search, fuelled by the encouragement she received from the program.  

She soon found a job that perfectly aligned with her unique skill set and also provides her with the flexibility to choose tasks she genuinely enjoys.  

Janie has discovered a renewed sense of purpose and fulfillment. 

This is her story:

“When I first started at Your Caring Way I was lost and had less direction in my life.  

My Mum had passed away and my caring role was gone. I was only just starting to rebuild a new life, cleaning up Mum's house, moving house and renovating my own which took like eight months to do.  

I got all this done and then the pandemic hit. This meant having to spend another seven months in isolation. Then after when the pandemic hit, I had been out of work for about five years. 

My Career Recruitment Officer at the time told me to try volunteering to regain my skills that I had as an admin assistant/accounts payable before I had started looking after my Mum fulltime for three years until she passed away. 

I had been looking after her for 10 years before this and two years with Dad until he passed away while I was still working.  

At first, I was reluctant to try volunteering but when I go into the swing of things. I was doing it for two days a week at an aged care and disability organisation for six months.  

It helped regain my confidence and skills but most of all it helped me feel a part of the community again. It also got me a reference to help me get my next job. I went on to getting a part time job as a customer service representative at a major travel company. 

I was working here for six months then afterwards went rough a bleak period for one and a half years.  

I was still grieving the loss of my mother and not being able to move on. I was still looking for work, but nothing really fitted my interests or skill set.  

I even started contemplating going back to college to study art earlier this year. Through the help of some subsidised Government funding, I enrolled in a short course of study through TAFE studying Digital Design.  

After a day or two, I worked out this was not for me and then went through another dreary phase in my life. I didn’t know whether I should do fine arts, volunteer again or to travel just to fill up the lack of purpose in my life. I realised that fine arts was not a good career choice for an income and felt like I was just trying to kill time.  

Luckily now with the help of Kirsty Smith, my current recruitment officer who encouraged me to apply for a job regardless of the fact that my referees were from seven years ago, I have found a fulltime job as an Admin Assistant at a pet supplies company.  

I have been on the Job for about three weeks now and am finding it interesting and challenging. It is more of my skillset and keeps me living with purpose. 

Most of all it gives me the freedom to choose to do the things I enjoy which is to paint and travel in my spare time.”