Holly lives in the moment.

She shows up every day and continues to achieve her goals as she balances life, work, and her caring role.

Holly is a carer for her 4-year-old son who has autism, Global Developmental Delay (GDD), and a sensory disorder. She shares the role with her teenage daughter, who is always willing to help.

“We take life as it comes. He was diagnosed with GDD when he was three, and then late last year he was diagnosed with ASD.”

Holly had stopped working a year and a half ago until she heard about Your Caring Way.

“Your Caring Way reached out to me a year ago and it really worked for me.”

“I had a Vocational Coach who helped me a lot. Then I started working with my Placement Officer, Andrea. We mainly did everything over the phone.”

“It’s been really positive. It feels so nice to have somebody else to support you and check on my wellbeing.”

With Your Caring Way’s support, Holly gained employment as a Social Support Worker for the elderly.

“With what I had learned from my coaching and the support of my Placement Officer, I started applying for jobs.”

“I found my job through Seek; I now work part-time.”

“I currently do four days a week, but soon will be dropping to three because it’s been overwhelming with my son’s therapy.”

“I usually do 20 to 25 hours a week, but I will be reducing my hours. That is what works for me at the moment.”

“When I’m not at work I care for my son. I take him to therapy and medical appointments. It gets busy.”

“Being a carer and also working part-time is quite stressful. It takes a lot of my energy, but I love doing this job.”

“I’m not sure how I balance it with my caring role, I just make it happen. “

“I try to structure a lot of my life but that is really hard sometimes, with a child with special needs.”

Still, Holly remains confident of her abilities and what she can do to support her son. She has redefined her purpose in life and knows exactly what she wants out of it.

“My goal was to get part-time work and I have achieved that”.

“In the future, I would like to do full-time work again. Maybe when my son goes to school, which is next year. For now, this works really well for me.”