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Carers Queensland External Feedback and Complaints Policy

Carers Queensland values feedback from the community and recognises its importance for continuous quality improvement. This policy provides guidance to all clients and stakeholders in the community on how feedback is managed at Carers Queensland.

The following principles guide Carers Queensland in its feedback and complaints management:

  1. The best interest of the clients is the primary considerations in providing services;
  2. Feedback and complaints are key to continuous quality improvement;
  3. Clients, communities and other people affected by the operations of Carers Queensland have the right to provide feedback and complaint;
  4. Due respect to people’s right to confidentiality will be observed at all times.

7.15.01B External Feedback and Complaints Procedure V1.1

Lodge a complaint

Complaints can be made anonymously, be provided in writing by the complainant or transcribed by the staff member taking the complaint.

When making a complaint, please include your name, address, telephone number, and email address (unless you wish to remain anonymous).

Please include full details of the incident or issue including:

  • Dates (where appropriate)
  • Any information you believe would assist us to understand and investigate your complaint further
  • Your desired solution outcome

There are a number of ways you can contact Carers Queensland to make a complaint:

  • Contact the Team Leader at your closest regional office
  • Telephone the Carer Advisory Service on 1800 242 636
  • Write to the Chief Executive Officer, PO Box 179 Holland Park, QLD 4121, or
  • Complete the form below via the button below (this is an external link and will take you to the Carers Queensland website).

Contact DSS

If for any reason, you would prefer to contact the Department of Social Services (DSS) directly, you can do so via the button below:

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