I was a full-time carer for my two sons, who are about to turn 37 years old. They had epidermolysis, a group of rare genetic blistering disorders affecting the skin.

I was on the list with Carers Tasmania. I registered with Your Caring Way this year.

I had a job from August to March this year. When my contract ended, Prem from Your Caring Way called me back, and that was exactly what I needed.

I had been with a job agency since 2019 with no change, not successful at all. Nothing happened, they would never send me any jobs at all.

It’s great to be part of such a person-centred service; they match the way I think, what I want, and they treat people with respect, which makes you feel like you matter.

Prem is very proactive, he was right on to it. I did the Skills for Success course in April, and I loved it.

It all happened very quick. I was very impressed. Everything they did was for my benefit. It was very respectful, and it hadn’t happened with any other organisation before.

After I finished my course, they helped me with my resume.

Emma was my vocational coach. She was good. You can never learn enough. Prem helped with an interview opportunity with On Track Tasmania and I have secured employment with them as a Disability Support Worker. I have my induction on 7 June 2021. It’s casual work and I am hoping to have three days a week.

I will also be working with them in another capacity, mainly assisting with activities like sports and cooking, when they need me.

Joining Your Caring Way has given me a feeling of being supported, listened to, respected, just treated well.

In 2019 I wanted to change careers. I’ve done finance, childcare. After I did a Diploma in Applied Health and Community Support, I wanted to transfer all my skills to the health sector.

When you get older it is like you turn invisible. People look at you and they don’t realise the skills you have. That was different with Your Caring Way.

Your Caring Way has made a difference in my life, the fact that they’ve listened, and they’ve been so proactive that really impressed me, rang me back right in time before I finished my previous job.

I’m really happy that there are still organisations looking at people in a holistic way.”