Elisha is a single parent. She cares for her three children, two of whom have autism.

She heard about Your Caring Way at a carers group organised by Carers South Australia.

After being out of the workforce for five years and wanting to pursue her dreams, she contacted them and joined the program in October last year.

“I used to work before having children, and this gave me confidence and motivation I needed.”

“I enjoyed my vocational coaching. Both my Vocational Coach, Tracey, and my Placement Officer, Shauna, were really good.”

What Elisha never expected was that she would start meeting her goals so soon. With support from Your Caring Way, she gained casual work with HIPPY SA in February, and she seized the opportunity.

“I found a job straight away. My role is a Home Tutor. It’s really good.”

“It’s a very unique role; like a traineeship so I can’t stay in it forever. But it’s great. I wish it was for longer.”

“I work three days a week from 9.30 am to 2.30 pm. My children are at school while I’m at work.”

“I am loving community work and I plan to continue working in the community.”

In her quest to achieve what she wants; Elisha has already started making the most out of life.

She can visualize her future knowing that working is something she really enjoys and would love to keep doing. She is making plans and she credits Your Caring Way for all the good things happening.

“Your Caring Way has made a difference in my life, just in the confidence, motivation and empowerment that I’ve gained it’s really good.”

“Maybe do some study down the track. I would like to study something specifically related to domestic violence. That would be very interesting.”