“I am a carer for my son Hamish who's 11. Hamish has complex disabilities so my role with Hamish as his carer is to support him in the community both physically and with daily tasks.”

“I worked full time before my son Hamish was diagnosed. It was very difficult to find the balance between working and caring responsibilities.”

“Your Caring Way has given me really tangible options and choices and support to feel I can have that balance and to feel that they will continue to support me.”

“What worked for me was the connection to understanding my needs and understanding me as a carer. They stepped me through talking about what I was looking for and what I was feeling as a carer to help me identify what I needed to get back into my life.”

“I am currently studying and I'm volunteering, working towards a role that I would like to work in for paid employment and that's thanks to Your Caring Way.”

“I didn't think it was possible to have the opportunity to be involved, so I felt like my caring needs excluded me from being part of that community and Your Caring Way has opened me up to that opportunity. They have sent out emails and contacted me about opportunities that work around my schedule and the schedule of my son and what he needs to do.”

“The program has made an immeasurable difference to my life personally.”

“I'm a parent carer; I love my child and I was giving absolutely everything I could to that role, to the cost of my family and myself and my identity, and I wasn't open to the idea that I could have both.”

“Before I made the call to Your Caring Way, I thought I had to make a choice between myself as the carer and myself as an individual, and they've shown me that I can put those together and I can be everything I want to be.”

“I feel that this program is unique and desperately needed for carers.”

“I think the biggest reason I want to recommend your caring way is because they gave me back the gift of potential and dreaming.”

“It can be a lonely experience being a carer and since joining Your Caring Way I've felt less lonely, and I want that for everyone who's going through this experience.”

“My youngest daughter has actually said, I feel like you're going to have time to make space for me.”

“Your Caring Way has given me an opportunity for our family to see a bigger future that includes more things.”