Working limited hours as a Home Tutor, Christopher realised he wanted to do something that would be helpful in his career.

In May this year, learning about Your Caring Way encouraged him to join the program.

Christopher has been a carer for the last four years. He cares for his 15-year-old daughter with complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

“I heard about the program at work, I gave them a call and thought it was right up my alley.”

“I wanted to enhance my skills in some areas and always thought going back to study will be really beneficial for me.”

“What I really liked about the program was the coaching; it was very supportive and showed me different options. My goal was to pursue my studies.”

“More specifically, I wanted to do some training or study a Certificate IV in Community Services.”

But sometimes, life doesn’t go as planned.

Partway through his coaching sessions, Christopher saw a job advertisement from the company he used to work for.

“I had previously worked with them. I saw the position advertised, called them and I got the job.”

When this new opportunity came up, he was very excited to apply his knowledge and experience.

At the end of July, Christopher started working full time as a Social and Emotional wellbeing/Alcohol & other Drugs at Aboriginal Sobriety Group in Adelaide.

He credits his participation in the Your Caring Way program as key in giving him the confidence to successfully attain the position.

“It has made a difference in my life.”

“For four or five months I was trying to get into study with no luck. I wanted to upskill so I can get more experience. I didn’t think I was going to get there. It had an impact on my mental health too.”

“Basically, in my mind, coaching helped me visualise my future. I would definitely recommend it to anyone wanting to achieve their goals.”

As he continues to advance in his career, Christopher still wants to be in control of his future and understands that studying is the best option for him to do that.

“I will keep working at it and I hope I can start my studies soon.”