“I’m a carer. I care for my two children that are both NDIS participants; they have autism, both of them.”

“Before I had my children, I was self-employed. It was part of my plan for how I could accommodate work-life balance with having children.”

“I wasn't to know then that my children would have extra needs. I heard about Carers Queensland because they were the Partners in the Community that were looking after my children's NDIS plans.”

“I was aware that there were other programs that Carers Queensland was offering as well, I just didn't understand too much about them until I found myself in some crazy circumstances and called Carers Queensland one day looking for help and the lady who answered the phone thought that I should talk to someone at Your Caring Way.”

“I was offered some coaching sessions you know, what I was doing, what steps I needed to take, how I could be looking after myself in that really tricky period.”

“Eventually, with a lot of discussions with Andrea, we were sort of making more of a plan for what I could do career-wise to support myself and my children: what skills did I have from my lived experience; what skills did I have from my other businesses and careers that could be transferable in a new role. A role that I could still fit in nicely around my kids and their needs.”

“We tried to apply for a few roles at Carers Queensland and some of the other organisations and it kept coming back to I didn't have any qualifications on paper, and so with the support of my friends and my family I signed up to do a Certificate IV in Community Services for which was something that the Registered Training arm of Carers Queensland offered.”

“I think I should mention how Your Caring Way supported me while I was studying- it was really quite fantastic. As an adult, I was diagnosed with ADHD. My trainer Vanessa (‘Ness’) was really amazing and thoughtful and kind and flexible with understanding the different ways I needed assistance to learn.”

“I’m really grateful to have had that. I don't know if I would have been supported in the same way had I gone through a different training organisation like a Tafe or something like that, that wasn't so aware of the needs of carers.”

“I started my job with Carers Queensland as an Enquiry Line Officer and whenever I’m on a call to a carer and I can hear in their voice that they're struggling, and I’m wondering if they're looking after themselves, I do ask them you know have you heard of the Carer Program? Have you heard of Your Caring Way?”

“I give them the phone number, I give them the link and I say, give them a call, introduce your circumstances to them and you just don't know how they could help.”

“I said I don't know how they could help you, but I know that my life was very different a year ago to what it is now, and I must say my experience in general since starting with Carers Queensland.”

“I’ve never been around a group of people who have cared so much about my well-being my mental well-being and my family before I’m in a position now where I’ve got stability, I have a plan, I have a new home, I have happy children, I myself am very happy and I have an idea for what my life could look like in my future.”

“I know that I’ve got support to get there if there's anything that I need.”