Alan was feeling lost. With his wife gone, suddenly he had to take care of his son.

While he loved taking care of him, he also wanted to get back into the workforce.

After joining Your Caring Way, Alan felt relieved and confident about what was ahead of him.

He started thinking about a better future where he could take care of both himself and his son.

This is his story:

“In late February, Rockhampton Senior Local Area Coordinator, Nadia, positively recommended Your Caring Way which I will be forever grateful to her for.

I went online to connect with Your Caring Way and a week later I received an email from you welcoming me into your programme and scheduling a phone appointment for the next week.

At the time I was very overwhelmed with life I had just spent four years caring for my wife who lost her battle with cancer in early October 2022.

My wife had been my son’s carer before her passing. He is Autism level 2. Becoming his new carer, I was trying to get on top of this as well as trying to reconnect back in the workforce.

Further to this, I met with an employment service provider on the 1st of February even though they advised me I was accepted as a client, and I had had the meeting with Centrelink they weren’t able to help me.

While I had been my wife’s carer the job application process has changed from the way I remember it. I was absolutely lost feeling it was an impossible task.

My first phone meeting with Jess from Your Caring Way was very productive and refreshing in establishing a goals plan, with the first goals being networking and resume creation.

My resume had way too much information and too long. Shortening it to make me more attractive to employers was important.

At our next meeting, we started to discuss cover letters. Jess emailed some cover letter templates for me to use as a guide.

As I completed the cover letters, I was able to send them to Jess for feedback when she had time. By then, my overwhelmed lost feelings were easing, and my confidence was building.

It is less than two months since my first Your Caring Way phone appointment when I first started, I completed one letter in three days. Now I can complete more than one a day without help.

Your Caring Way programme has upskilled my cover letter development skills- they are more professional- and I am now gaining interview invitations.

Along the way, I have learned new technics, shared free software programming, and widened my job search advice increasing my prospects.

The latest meeting was about preparing for interviews and practising interview skills.

For me, the Your Caring Way programme has opened the world to me and gained me three interviews. It has built my confidence in the short time I have reached out to them.

Thank you, Your Caring Way programme, particularly Jess for her employment coaching and Nadia for her recommendations.

I encourage any carers similar to me to reach out and join the Your Caring Way programme.”

Alan, carer