Introducing Your Caring Way.

Our mission

To inspire positive change by connecting people to real opportunities.

Our objectives

  • To develop and sustain strong community connections.
  • To improve the quality of life for Carers through vocational activities.
  • To increase Carer workforce capacity and capability.

Program overview

Your Caring Way is an end-to-end vocational coaching program, designed to support carers by providing accredited and non-accredited training, and preparing them for opportunities such as paid employment, work experience, or volunteering.

Working with suitable “carer-friendly” employers, we seek to enable social, vocational and economic outcomes that benefit employers, industry, community, and Government.

This is a pilot program to be run over two and a half years across three states (Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania), funded by the Department of Social Services.

Your Caring Way is designed to support client-centred outcomes, so has “choice and control” as its central consideration.

The program is provided through contemporary service delivery concepts, and has a strong program evaluation approach to provide an evidence base framework to support future service design, delivery and achievement of outcomes.

Your Caring Way is an initiative of Carers Queensland.

Carers and employment

Carers play an invaluable role in providing help and support to the people in their care. As a result of these responsibilities, they also face a number of barriers to finding and keeping paid employment.

According to the 2018 Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) Survey of Disability, Ageing and Carers (SDAC), among carers aged 15-64 years (living in households):

  • Seven in ten (70.9%) were in the labour force, similar to 2015 (70.8%)
  • Primary carers were less likely to be in the labour force (58.8%) than other carers (76.6%) and non-carers (81.5%)
  • Carers were less likely to be employed (66.6%) than non-carers (77.4%)
  • 71.8% of all male carers were employed, compared with 63.2% of all female carers.

Employment enables social connectedness, improved health and wellbeing, and enables time away from caring responsibilities. Working carers have the same workplace identity as any other employee in that position.

More broadly, improved employment outcomes for carers will contribute to long-term economic benefits for Australia through increased labour force participation and reduced costs of carer income supports.

It is clear that increased employment opportunities are not only beneficial to the carer, the person they care for, and their families, but also provide significant benefits to government and the wider community. Education and flexible, supported employment options are critical to a carer’s success in sustaining employment, and Your Caring Way seeks to address these needs.

About Carers Queensland

With one in every eight Australians caring for a family member or friend, Carers Queensland is committed to providing specialised carer, aged, and disability support services.

For more than 30 years, Carers Queensland has been working to advocate for equal rights, opportunities, and enhanced outcomes for families.

We work within and value our local community, responding to unmet need with care and respect, assisting those who are disconnected through high-quality personalised support.

Our objective is to ensure you achieve your goals, enhance your relationships, and can move forward with a life based on your own decisions and choices.

We are dedicated to making life better.

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